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Musical narratives

First narration - FOR YOUR JOY

Second narration - TO LOVE


"Janusz Kohut's music, based on the free art of improvisation, is supposed to inspire reflection, calmness, opening inwards. Hence its purifying, even therapeutic character. The artist unmistakably senses and meets the needs and longings of a man, often overwhelmed and lost in the hustle and bustle of the late twentieth century. He does not address his art only to a narrow circle of music experts of our century, it is music for every listener and can be both a starting point for deeper, inner reflections, and a background accompanying him during rest, travel, work. and the workshop of a competent pianist who knows his instrument thoroughly, but the most important thing seems to be what Czesław Niemen said in the sentence "Let's learn to listen to music involving only hearts and consciences".

Jerzy Kukla -

organist, organizer of musical life, organ builder. Studies at the Academy of Music in Krakow (organ, class of prof. M. Semeniuk-Podrazy) and in Katowice (conducting, class of prof. JW Hawel)



  1. "High Mountains" - based on the motifs of highlander songs 

  2. "The Lord is my strength" - excerpt from the "Way of Hope" oratorio 

  3. "Penitential Song" - excerpt from the "Road of Hope" oratorio 

  4. "Magnificat" - excerpt from the "Saint Peter" oratorio 

  5. "The Call of Moses" - excerpt from the "Road of Hope" oratorio 

  6. "Visiting the Guest" - excerpt from the "Guest Expected" oratorio 

  7. "Jesus, the highest name" - traditional music

  8. "Miriam's song of thanksgiving" - excerpt from the "Way of Hope" oratorio

  9. "Tabita's Tale" - excerpt from the "Saint Peter" oratorio 

  10. "Like a deer" - music by Martin Nystrom

  11. "Dziatki" - an old Jewish song 

  12. "Barka" - meditation on the life of one of the greatest Poles, music by C. Gabarain

The concert program includes the author's own compositions, inspired by highlander music, instrumental versions of excerpts from the oratorios "Droga Nadziei", "Gość Oczekiwany" and "Święty Piotr", as well as several well-known Christian works. The recording was made in the concert hall of the Bielsko Cultural Center.

"I like high mountains, I like to look at the peaks, I like being on them even more. It teaches humility, gives a sense of freedom, reveals a wide perspective, gives strength and energy to deal with adversities.
In the context of wildlife it becomes clearer what is real and what is good, if there is no fog of course. "

Janusz Kohut


Concert program:
1. Introduction - "Our Bread"
2. "Bogurodzica"
3. "Who loves his children" - "He goes to jor"
4. "Guest's Visit" - from the "Guest Expected" oratorio
5. "Szumi dolina"
6. "And this is our field"
7. "Miriam's Song" -  from the "Road of Hope" oratorio
8. "Pod Baranią"
9. "Ojcowski house"
10. "The Lord is my strength" - from the oratorio "The Way of Hope"
11. "Freedom"
12. "Groniczki, groniczki"
13. "Valleys, valleys"
14. "God, God great"

We propose to organize a concert with the participation of internationally recognized artists. Józef Broda and Janusz Kohut captivate with their originality, talent and high craftsmanship. They can establish creative contact with the audience.

The program recalls the eternal truths about the need to spread good, peace and love around us. It will provide a deep experience of time with valuable music.
During the concert, we will hear the most interesting songs inspired by the folklore of Podbeskidzie in original arrangements, with the use of unique folk instruments such as: thrombita, ocarina, straw, harp, pipe, grove and others combined with elements of classical music.


The artists participated in many concerts and festivals in Poland, Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States. The "Music of the heart and mind" program was presented, among others, in 2002 in Düsseldorf as part of the "Silesian Days in North Rhine-Westphalia", during the EXPO 2000 fair in Hanover, at the cathedral in Cologne, at St. Peter in Rome and in many other cities in the country and abroad. It was warmly received and received by the international audience.

Janusz Kohut


Concert program:
1. In the silence of the night
2. They came to Bethlehem
3. Lulajże, Jesus
4. Oh little girl, little girl
5. A mining carol
6. Silent night
7. Visitor Expected
8. Home carol
9. Miserable, quiet
10. Highlander carol
11. Jesus Malusienki
12. Mother's Christmas carol
13. Triumphs of the Heavenly King
14. Beautiful Miss
15. Let's all go to the stable

The concert program includes instrumental versions of the most beautiful traditional Polish Christmas carols, as well as several of the author's own compositions inspired by Christmas.

Janusz Kohut




EWA URYGA - singing




ANIMATO oboe quintet

The program includes the most interesting fragments from the oratorios "The Way of Hope", "The Expected Guest", "Saint Peter" and from the musical "Happy People" by  Janusz  Kohuta,  fragments  "Vespers  Lud¼mierskich ”by Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz, as well as fragments of the“ Roman Triptych ”.

The pieces included in the program were performed in many cities in the country and abroad, incl.

- on St. Peter in Rome as part of the National Pilgrimage in 2000,

- in the Basilica of Divine Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki during the visit of John Paul II  in Poland in 2002,

- in the Church of the Ascension of the Lord in Warsaw, where it was recognized as an artistic event of 2003.

- in the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw in 2005,

- as well as in the cathedrals of many Polish cities such as Krakow - St. Mary's Basilica, Katowice, Gliwice, Opole and others

- 5 concerts were held in London with English musicians in 2007. The patronage over these concerts was taken by the President of the Second Republic of Poland - Ryszard Kaczorowski and TVP POLONIA.

Each performance of this program is a unique artistic and spiritual experience. It is well received by the public and critics.  

It is possible to perform the program in a chamber version - with the piano alone and other soloists.

Janusz Kohut

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